UKBR22 News & Updates

22/02/18:- Round 3 results now on the Postal Scores page, still a bunch missing, could those clubs catch up ASAP please.

24/01/18:- Happy New Year one and all.

Health and weather issues have been conspiring against me since the festivities but the good news is that the medals are now on their way and the round 2 results are now on the Postal Scores page Embarassed

You may notice a few gaps where SGY scores should appear, my fault again since I've not been able to get to the range and collect the targets, this should be rectified by the weekend and I'll update the spreadsheet as soon as possible.

22/12/17:- Winter postal competition round 1 scores are now available on the Postal Scores page,  Medals for the Summer postal comp are now to hand, will be posted out after the season's festivities.

Have a Great Christmas and a Happy, Healthy 2018.

10/11/17:- UK/Irish Challenge Cup 2018, details are on the Events page and entry forms can be downloaded from the bottom of this page.

23/10/17:- Summer postal competition results are now available on the Postal Scores page, been playing 'catch up' due to cataract surgery, thanks for your patience! The results are provisional until 06/11/17 by which time any errors will have been corrected and the file updated where necessary. Medals will be ordered, engraved and sent out soon afterwards.

The winter postal competition starts in November, I'm busy preparing the stickers now and will be aiming to get them in the post this week. Anyone that has't yet contacted me re their requirements should do so sooner rather than later.

Thanks for your continuing support.

27/08/17:- National Championship results are now available on the Competition Results page, well done everyone.

21/08/17:- Postal comp scores updated to include the round 3 cards that I have, will update as and when other cards arrive.

26/07/17:- Rounds 1 & 2 of the Summer postal competition are now available on the Postal Scores page.  There are still some gaps but these will be filled as and when I receive the cards.

Medals for the last competition are on back order, the engraver has all the necessary details and they will be sent out as soon as they come to hand, thanks for everyone's patience on this one.

07/05/17:- National Championships will be held at YSC on 25th > 27th August, entry forms available at the bottom of the page.

Winter Postal Comp results are now final, medals will be ordered this week and dispatched as soon as I get them back from the engravers.

23/04/17:- OK folks, I've caught up with my UKBR jobs after moving house (Again!), decided it's pointless publishing rounds 4 & 5 separately so what you have are the final results.  The file is available on the Postal Scores page and, as usual, they are provisional until 07/05/17. Medals will be sorted, engraved and dispatched before the end of May.

I'm now moving on to the Summer 2017 comp and will be printing the stickers next week, please let me know what comps you want to enter and I'll get stickers out to you ASAP.

20/02/17:- Round 3 results now available on the Postal Scores page.

Technical problems are preventing me from loading the updated Membership Application form onto the Join UKBR22 page so I've added it to the bottom of this page.

25/01/17:- Happy New Year everyone, may 2017 be healthy, happy and prosperous for you all.

Round 2 scores are now available the Postal Scores page.  Divisions have been allocated.